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Repair, Regeneration, Diagnostics
Touch Probes Service

  • Repair and regeneration of probes in our service generates savings of up to 50%.

  • The logistic solution guarantees quick collection of the damaged probe and quick return of the repaired one.

  • Repair time including shipping to and from the UK is 7-10 days

  • Customs clearance and fees are our concern

  • In difficult cases, we provide a replacement probe for the duration of the service

In our service, in addition to warranty repairs of electronic devices for measuring the base and tools, you can gain access to services related to maintaining or restoring the technical condition of the measuring device used on a CNC machine. We provide a number of services, including probe diagnostics, periodic inspection and regeneration of Renishaw and Heidenhain measurement probes. Regeneration is to find the repair of the measurement probe after a collision. This applies primarily to probes for measuring details, which are most often damaged. These are alternative solutions with optical transmission of the design (Renishaw: OMP series and Heidenhain: TS series) and with radio transmission of the solution (Renishaw: RMP and Heidenhain: TT). Also BLUM probes.

In the case of the Renishaw OTS and RTS wireless measurement probe, collision repair and motherboard replacement are not always possible, often due to the design and assembly of the probe. In situations where this is not possible, we offer the fastest, most effective and most cost-effective solution that can be delivered in the shortest possible time..

The most popular measurement sets, including probes, interfaces and accessories, are available immediately:

from warehouses in Poland, i.e. from the main warehouse in Wałbrzych and an additional one in Poznań.
from warehouses in the Norway.

Our highly developed and carefully refined logistics system shortens and facilitates deliveries within Poland, the EU and the British Isles. The service and repair time of measurement probes does not exceed 48 hours because we have the necessary spare parts in stock and, above all, outstanding and experienced specialists operating advanced, highly specialized, independent diagnostic and service stations. We complete most diagnostic tests, corrections, inspections and repairs within 24 hours.

It may happen that due to the lack of an appropriate spare part for the repaired probe in stock and we will not be able to perform the service within 48 hours - then we will immediately send a replacement probe. This is our help and an internal, free, loyalty program, which is intended to ensure smoothness and stability of work and processing, without the need to look for temporary and alternative solutions such as 3D sensors, clock sensors, EdgeFinder and without generating additional, unnecessary service costs.


We are also proud of the fact that our offer, in addition to the supply of probes, devices and accessories, covers the comprehensive installation of measuring units on almost every CNC machine with control: HAAS, MAZAK, HEIDENHAIN, SINUMERIC, CINCINATI, MITSUBISHI, BROTHER and other machines from less popular manufacturers.

The conditions for installing devices are considered individually by TECHNOGRUPA. When pricing the service, factors such as the type of control, the size and access to individual zones of the machine tool (installation complexity), the type of transmission selected and the number of probes installed, as well as the geo-location of the order are taken into account.

The price of each installation we offer is a value that must reward not only the time spent, but above all the rich knowledge, skills and commitment of our specialists, highly valued for their perfect knowledge of the PLC environment and Trigger Touch Probe System, which are a niche, side topic. , but in a difficult situation requiring understanding, having a wide range of knowledge and experience in the field of electronics, electricity, automation and IT. The skills and commitment of our specialists go beyond all norms and standards. With each passing day, it becomes more and more obvious that they are the best not only in Poland, but also in the EU countries.

The key element of the service is full support after purchase and installation. Installers share their knowledge and, after installation, provide the most valuable tips that are important for the user, facilitating the free, safe and, above all, pleasant use of the measurement probe. Over time, in case of questions, ambiguities or difficulties related to the operation and use of devices, they provide full support and assistance.

How to order service ?

For companies from the UK, place a service order at:

pack the probe and wait for the package to be collected by the UPS courier. The probe repair time, including deliveries, will take approximately 7 days.

repair of the measurement probe after a collision

regeneration of the measurement probe after a collision

regeneration of the renishaw probe after a collision

Renishaw probe repair after collision
Probe regeneration


Regeneracja Sond Pomiarowych

Naprawa Sond Pomiarowych

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